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Book cover of The Big Con

Universities, Consultants and ‘The Big Con’

How this book can help academic leaders think about ways to engage with consulting companies and consultants.

Open book with colorful paper planes emerging from the pages

Reimagining the Academic Book Launch

Our topics may sometimes be abstruse, but we should take more creative risks to engage people in them, writes Christopher Schaberg.

Ethical College Admissions: ChatGPT and Admissions

Jim Jump considers all the issues, with a bit of help from some experts.

A drawing of one hand extending a sealed envelope, with the word "RESIGNATION," in red, written over the envelope seal, to another outstretched hand.

Why Florida’s Public College Presidents Should Resign 

The best strategy for countering Governor DeSantis’s attacks on higher ed could be for Florida’s public university presidents to threaten to resign en masse, Robert Birnbaum writes.

The Value of Stochastic Thinking

How ideas about randomness, chance, uncertainty and probability are radically reshaping the humanities and the social and physical sciences.

ChatGPT and Writing Assessment, an Old Problem Made New

When it comes to assessing student writing, ChatGPT merely makes an enduring problem more apparent.

Limbo Revisited

Advice for students trying to decide where to go.