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Ethical College Admissions: ChatGPT and Admissions

Jim Jump considers all the issues, with a bit of help from some experts.

A drawing of one hand extending a sealed envelope, with the word "RESIGNATION," in red, written over the envelope seal, to another outstretched hand.

Why Florida’s Public College Presidents Should Resign 

The best strategy for countering Governor DeSantis’s attacks on higher ed could be for Florida’s public university presidents to threaten to resign en masse, Robert Birnbaum writes.

Do Today’s Colleges Resemble 1970s Detroit?

Detractors point to bloated bureaucracies, complacency, declining quality, a lack of focus, broken business models and an inability to adapt. Do they have a leg to stand on?

The word Accepted followed by an asterisk on a black background

Facing Diversity

Placing a minority grad student on the inside of a search process gestures toward inclusive practices yet also highlights it shortcomings, write Russ Castronovo and Elijah Levine.

ChatGPT and Writing Assessment, an Old Problem Made New

When it comes to assessing student writing, ChatGPT merely makes an enduring problem more apparent.

A group of about eight happy graduates, wearing caps and gowns and clutching diplomas while grinning at the camera.

Commencement Is a Celebration, Not a Class

In choosing a commencement speaker, don’t (purposely) court controversy, Walter Kimbrough writes.

Making Space for Compassion in the Classroom

Chris Hakala, director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship and professor of psychology at Springfield College, uses Student Voice data to argue that students and faculty members mutually benefit from flexibility, communication and feedback.

 Students sitting outside on the grass at a university

The Case for Having Class Outside

When end-of-semester stress reaches its peak, an outdoor class is an excellent remedy.