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The Radical Reinvention of the English Language

Neologisms, slang, jargon, acronyms and loanwords are reshaping the language right before our eyes.

Hands typing on a computer over which hovers ChatGPT sing

How ChatGPT Bested Me and Worsted My Students

As educators, let’s not be so reactive to AI when it comes to possible plagiarism, writes Brandi Lawless. Otherwise, we are no more nuanced than it is itself.

The Texas statehouse, topped with its prominent dome, at sunset.

What Ending Tenure Would Mean to Texas

Senate Bill 18 would change the landscape of Texas public higher education for the worse, Jennifer Ebbeler writes.

3 Questions for Middlebury College’s Sarah Lohnes Watulak

On the path from tenured professor to director of digital pedagogy and media.

hands knitting over a computer with a ball of yarn to one side

Why More Colleges Should Focus on Knitting

Among many benefits, handwork of any sort can help students understand different types of learning, create a new identity and forge new relationships, writes Diane Downer Anderson.

Let’s Give Our Regards to Broadway

It’s a mistake to confine the American musical theater to drama departments.