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A stack of four blocks, each bearing one of the words "Diversity," Equity" "and" "Inclusion," against an orange background.

DEI’s Critics Are Missing the Point

Many criticisms of DEI are misguided and miss the essential fact that attention to diversity, equity and inclusion advances learning for everyone, Shaya Gregory Poku writes.

View from President Petillo's office of the Chapel of the Sacred Heart on the campus quad

Student Success Takes Presence

John J. Petillo of Sacred Heart University offers ideas for how to build an inclusive “one of us” campus culture. 

How Direct Admission Is Changing the Process of Applying to College

A college admission letter might come from a school you haven’t applied to—or even heard of.

Our Future Self

The true secret of student success.

A smartphone with the words "Chat GPT" against an abstract background.

Yes, We Are in a (ChatGPT) Crisis

And we need to start acting like it, Inara Scott writes.

silhouettes of men and women carrying briefcases with speaking bubbles over their heads, suggesting they are sharing ideas

A Fresh Look at What It Means to Be a Manager

Managerial communities of practice can help college leaders deal most effectively with today’s challenges, write Jonathan Hulbert and Melissa Meehan.

Book cover of Poverty, By America

529 Plans, Endowments and ‘Poverty, by America’

Does higher education have a role in manufacturing poverty?