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Imagining One Higher Ed Future for ‘Universities on Fire’

One possible scenario of campus conversations on the climate crisis catalyzed by Bryan Alexander’s essential new book.

Hero or Villain: Social Networking and AI

What has changed and what stays the same, regardless of technological advances?

Where Faculty Sit Is Where They Stand

Views on vertical transfer from community and bachelor’s college faculty.

A pile of U.S. currency—bundles of $100 bills, scattered $20 bills and some coins—with the words "student debt" in the middle of the pile.

Future of Borrower Defense May Look Different

New borrower defense to repayment regulations may bring increased compliance risks to colleges of all types, Jonathan Helwink writes.

Black magnifying glass, eyeglasses and pen sit on papers with charts and graphs

When the Little Things Matter

Getting your research published can feel overwhelming, writes Natalie Schriefer, who offers editing tips about references, citations, charts and formats to help you feel more confident submitting.

Why Worry?

Are the alarmist headlines right? Yes and no.

A Few Hidden Gems Among AI Apps

In the flurry of launches of generative AI apps this year, there are some gems that don’t get enough attention. These are ones that I think colleagues in higher ed might use every day.