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Massachusetts sued Corinthian Colleges Thursday, charging that it engaged in illegally deceptive marketing, including the use of inflated job placement statistics and high pressure tactics on prospective students. The suit by the state attorney general charges that the for profit system's campuses in the state told prospective students that various programs had placement rates ranging from 70 to 99 percent, when the rates in these programs were actually between 20 and 30 percent.

Kent Jenkins, a Corinthian spokesman, told The Boston Globe that Corinthian has "a strong record of offering students a quality education and treating them honestly and fairly." Jenkins said that the attorney general didn't even one complaint from a student at a Massachusetts campus.

The announcement of the suit, however, does quote such a student. The student says that a Corinthian recruiter "called me every day at any time during the day or night to tell me that car[eer] will change my life. Guess what? It didn’t! I’m working at my city grocery store.”