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UNO Students Vote Against Student Experience Fee

November 11, 2022

Students at the University of New Orleans voted against a $300-per-semester fee that would have allowed the university to start several new sports programs, according to a Wednesday press release from the university’s athletics department.

The referendum was struck down by a 38 percent margin, with 69 percent voting against and 31 percent voting for the measure. In total, just under 30 percent of UNO’s student body voted. According to the press release, student government leaders requested the university put the fee up to a vote rather than just instate it without student input.

Had the referendum succeeded, it would have funded intercollegiate football, women’s soccer, women’s golf and marching band, along with several other activities and programs on campus.

“The students have spoken,” said Tim Duncan, vice president of athletics and recreation, in the press release. “Over two-thirds of the students who voted did not believe that they should assist in funding the start of a football team and other programs designed to improve the student experience and boost campus enrollment. I personally still believe there will be a day when Privateer Football will happen, and I look forward to the gratifying feeling of laying the foundation for that successful endeavor.”

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