College and Rehab Under One Roof

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Since graduating from high school a few years ago, Emily, a 21-year-old from South Carolina, has studied at the College of Charleston, the University of South Carolina and a few community colleges.

At each college, her story was the same. “I kept messing up,” she says. “I was caught up in the party lifestyle and got involved in drugs. Everywhere I went, it ended terribly.” But after Emily hit bottom and went to detox, her family helped her enroll at a different kind of institution, where long-term recovery and academic success are both priorities.

Double Helix Trouble

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Close to 1,000 incoming students have submitted saliva samples to the University of California at Berkeley for genetic testing as part of an unusual educational experience for freshmen, but they won't be getting the results they expected. The California Department of Public Health decided Thursday that the students will not be provided with their individual genetic results.

'When College Is Not the Best Time'

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We've all heard the clichéd description of college as "the best years of your life." For those of us whose undergraduate years are a distant memory, the idea may seem ludicrous -- or, at least, too demoralizing to entertain -- but there's no denying that college students tend to enjoy an unusually high ratio of freedom to responsibility, and that many high schoolers come to anticipate a positively Elysian experience.

Fear Under the Sheets

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As some colleges face bedbug infestations in dormitories, many others consider ways to prevent such outbreaks.

A Future for Student Health Plans?

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Without clarity from the Obama administration, campus officials are unsure of whether or how their insurance offerings will survive.

Smoke and Mirrors

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Can a campus be tobacco-free? Will a certification program help?

Gotham Smokeout

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CUNY becomes largest public university system to go tobacco-free -- and its rules won't be limited to indoor spaces.

A Preventable Danger for Athletes

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Condition that led to hospitalization of 13 Iowa football players is linked to pushing teams too hard.

Shelving Hunger

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The difficult economy prompts students to create campus food banks for use by their peers.

Reform for Student Health Plans

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The U.S. government says it will include student insurance plans in the health care overhaul, in some cases requiring colleges to strengthen their coverage for students.


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