Breaking News: a Consensus President at Goddard

With rare faculty support, board extends contract of the college's chief executive.

Black Colleges Confront Challenges

At long-planned conference, a new issue emerges, informally, on the agenda.

Ousted at American U.

Trustees fire Benjamin Ladner as president amid inquiries into questionable spending, but leave key issues unresolved.

The Faculty Role in Sports Reform

Knight Commission hears from 3 groups that take divergent approaches to the problems in college athletics.

Senate Plans Scrutiny of American U.

Finance panel's review to focus on board's due diligence in setting ex-president's pay -- and nonprofit trustee oversight generally.

Broken Whistle?

Several current and former California State U. employees charge that they faced retaliation for reporting abuse.

A Tale of 2 Speakers

After Senate aide warns private college officials about scrutiny on compensation issues, Santorum butters them up.

Summers Postmortem, Beyond Cambridge

What does demise of his Harvard presidency suggest about academic leadership, faculty power and women in science?

Case Western President Vows to Learn

Arts and sciences professors vote "no confidence" by margin of 131 to 44.

Advice for Senate on Nonprofit Boards

Federal scrutiny of governance is good, but law or regulation would be a mistake, guests tell Congressional aides.


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