Death of a University Builder

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Constantine Papadakis, who transformed Drexel U. and earned fans and critics along the way, dies suddenly.

The Board Role in College Sports

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National trustees' group calls for institutional leaders to treat athletics like other campus matters, delegating authority to president and others but holding them accountable.

A Contested Search

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As Hocking College prepares to replace its president after 41 years, leader of search admits destroying evaluations of employees' top candidate.

Silencing a Staff Voice

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U. of Colorado ends funding for independent newspaper for employees, citing dire budget situation.

Anatomy of a Flawed Hire

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Looking back, financial aid administrators' choice of Phil Day as president was clearly a mistake. But was it one that could have been avoided?

Dampened Spirit

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The firing of the president of Wheeling Jesuit University has prompted resignations from the board, and charges that an area bishop overextended his authority.

Unprecedented Demand, Dwindling Funding

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Survey of state directors of community college systems finds many experienced midyear state budget cuts last year and expect another round of such cuts in 2010.

Oh Governor, Where Art Thou?

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Gov. Pat Quinn was quick to intervene when an admissions scandal broke at the prestigious University of Illinois, but he's yet to respond to problems at long-troubled Chicago State.

A Trustee Calls the Plays

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Florida State board chairman says it's time for the university's longtime football coach to go, arguably ignoring state and national guidelines about interference in sports programs.

President Resigns, Stevens Settles With N.J.

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Technology institute agrees to governance chances to resolve lawsuit brought by state attorney general; board chairman keeps job.


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