A Politician's Agenda

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A New Jersey county executive wants to decide which items may go on meeting agendas for the local community college’s board of trustees and warns that, without such oversight of the board's actions, the institution’s county funding may be in jeopardy. Local and statewide community college officials counter that the county executive is overstepping her bounds and endangering the institution’s autonomy.

Presidential Tenures on the Line

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City Colleges of Chicago redefines job descriptions for its campus leaders and tells those in office they must apply to keep their positions.

Strife at RISD

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No-confidence vote in president and provost sheds light on tensions within schools of art -- and higher education. How interdisciplinary can an institution be without strong disciplines?

What Women (Presidents) Want

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Four female academic leaders use panel to call for more representation at the top of academe.

10 Years to Tenure at Michigan

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New policy, adopted over faculty objections, gives divisions the option to extend probationary periods.

When Bitter Bargaining Bleeds Over

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After years of frustrating contract negotiations, president of U. of New Hampshire receives vote of "no confidence" -- but from union, not faculty senate.

Perestroika on CUNY Board

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Facing uproar, trustees will hold new vote on giving Tony Kushner an honorary degree. Plus round-up of debates over such awards.

Reading Tea (Party) Leaves

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Movement has made presence felt in several community college elections, but most experts don't see it becoming a major force in the sector.

'Breach of Faith' at Idaho State

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When the Idaho State Board of Education decided in February to dissolve the Faculty Senate at Idaho State University, it stripped faculty members of their only means of weighing in on important university issues, according to a report being issued today on the results of an investigation by the American Association of University Professors. And, while a new faculty body has since been convened, considerable acrimony remains in Pocatello.

What's Next for Wisconsin?

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For much of 2011, Wisconsin has been a leading actor in politically tinged dramas about higher education. In February, the battle over collective bargaining rights of public employees erupted (it remains unresolved), with those who work in higher education among the affected.


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