Trial Balloon on Ward Churchill

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University of Colorado officials find themselves boxed in a corner as they try to figure out what to do about Ward Churchill.

Cost and Safety, or Politics?

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A community college district abandons a program in Spain, citing terror and cost concerns. One trustee blames Spain's withdrawal of troops in Iraq.

Lost Confidence

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A faculty vote goes against Harvard's president; Summers asks professors to work with him.

What's a Board to Do?

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If Lawrence H. Summers needs a support group, he could easily find other presidents who watched their faculties vote "no confidence" in them -- and survived.

However humiliating and damaging Tuesday's vote may have been to Harvard's president -- and experts agree that it was both of those things -- he may well keep his job for years to come. The Harvard Corporation, the university's board, issued a statement backing Summers. And many think that board backing is the norm after such a vote.

Tilting at Windmills

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Yet another effort to change college sports -- this one led by faculty members -- got under way Thursday.

War and Peace at Columbia

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The report on controversial Middle Eastern studies professors got some predictable, loud reactions and some less predictable, quiet reactions.

Going Searchless at AGB

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The college trustees' group hired an internal candidate as its new chief. Should colleges follow its lead?

Permanent Leave

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SUNY's chancellor won't get a sabbatical, but SUNY might get a new chancellor.

Pickets and Protests

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Teaching assistants at Columbia and Yale vote to strike; students walk out of classes at Emerson to back faculty union.

Playing Defense and Offense

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Leaders of the AFT's college unions plan opposition to David Horowitz, cooperation with the NEA, and new organizing efforts.


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