War and Peace at Columbia

The report on controversial Middle Eastern studies professors got some predictable, loud reactions and some less predictable, quiet reactions.

Going Searchless at AGB

The college trustees' group hired an internal candidate as its new chief. Should colleges follow its lead?

Permanent Leave

SUNY's chancellor won't get a sabbatical, but SUNY might get a new chancellor.

Pickets and Protests

Teaching assistants at Columbia and Yale vote to strike; students walk out of classes at Emerson to back faculty union.

Playing Defense and Offense

Leaders of the AFT's college unions plan opposition to David Horowitz, cooperation with the NEA, and new organizing efforts.

Governing Board 'Gag Order'

For the last three years, Thomas A. Hamilton has increasingly become a minority of one on the seven-member Board of Trustees of  St. Clair County Community College, regularly challenging policies adopted by the two-year institution's president and questioning whether the board is fulfilling its obligations to oversee and assess her performance.

Auburn President's Permanent No Comment

Many college presidents consider reporters a necessary nuisance in a democracy. Auburn University's interim president, Ed Richardson, isn't so sure about the necessary part.

He sent a memo to Auburn faculty members and administrators last week telling them that he will no longer speak with Jack Stripling, who covers higher education for the local newspaper, The Opelika-Auburn News.

Pink Slips

Grand Canyon University dismisses 17 professors -- including 5 with tenure -- drawing scrutiny from AAUP and an accreditor.

ROTC Debate Not Over at Columbia

Trustee chair says board will discuss return of military unit despite Senate’s rejection of the idea.

Baptists Win Fight Over Shorter

Georgia Supreme Court rules that a college's board didn't have the right to sever ties to a religious group.


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