Legal issues

Block That Spam

Public universities can reject junk e-mail without violating the First Amendment, federal appeals court rules.

The Mascot Mess

NCAA crackdown on Native American team names and icons sends a message but sows confusion and conflict.

Far Away Trial

Duke grad student from Turkey faces charges in Armenia; human rights groups see censorship at play.

Professors Behind Bars

U. of Wisconsin faces criticism for being unable to immediately fire faculty members who are convicted of crimes.

Cooperation Saves an Academic Program

New Jersey approves transfer to Montclair State U. of an audiology doctoral program that Seton Hall planned to phase out.

Clearing the Way for Disability Claims

Appeals court says state immunity does not protect universities in Texas and Louisiana from federal lawsuits.

Ending Court Fight, NCAA Buys NIT

Association pays $56.5 million to take control of competing tourneys and settle antitrust challenge.

Court OKs Reverse Discrimination Suit

Panel finds enough evidence to justify white female adjunct's challenge to hiring of black male colleague for full-time post.

Do Some Athletes Matter More?

Texas court dumps ruling saying that having an international reputation gives college stars special rights.

A Gag on Public Faculty?

A dispute in the Los Angeles D.A.'s office -- now reaching the U.S. Supreme Court -- could limit the rights of professors at state and local colleges.


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