Legal issues

Price Check

Textbook renegades trying to find ISBN numbers encounter resistance -- and attract the police -- in Harvard bookstore.

Student, Interrupted

An Eastern Illinois student with post-traumatic stress disorder was essentially forced out of college after having a flashback in class.

The Ghost of Tarkanian v. NCAA

College groups fear that appeals court's decision in ex-Buffalo coach's case could make private colleges liable for their interactions with state governments.

Conservative Group Says Inside Information Got Out

Intercollegiate Studies Institute sues donor and former employees for allegedly taking confidential and proprietary information.

Live From Ohio: Rock Stars and the RIAA

A representative of the recording industry, a professor, a songwriter and a founding member of Jefferson Airplane discuss the future of file sharing.

A Challenge to the Recording Industry?

Eyes were on Oregon last week after the state's attorney general filed a motion to quash subpoenas from the recording industry, arguing, among other reasons, that they violated students' privacy.

Fight Over Tenure and Faculty Rights

Professors at Del Mar say interim president is rewriting the rules and writing away their job security; he says he's trying to promote standards. Battle shifts to court today.

When It's OK to Copy

There are few circumstances in which it's legal to copy a DVD and screen it in its entirety to an audience without paying royalties. One of them is in the classroom.

Scrutiny for Student Fees

In challenge to support for NYPIRG, appeals court rejects SUNY-Albany's use of "advisory" votes on whether certain groups should get college funds.

Studying Human Trafficking

Academics discuss ways to incorporate the subject into a range of college courses and disciplines.


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