Legal issues

Course Hero or Course Villain?

Professors worry that new companies might be making money from their copyrights while encouraging plagiarism among their students.

Discouraging Jeerers

Controversial visitors to U. Chicago and Temple provoke angry crowds, inside the lecture hall.

In a Counselor's Care

Confronted with charges that he had romantic involvements with graduate students or sent them explicit text messages while they were enrolled in his classes, a University of Florida department head has resigned, university officials confirmed.

Michael T. Garrett, a tenured professor of counselor education, resigned this month amid an internal investigation of the charges, according to Janine Sikes, a university spokeswoman.

The Curious 'Sexual Harassment' Charge

East Georgia College has dropped an unspecified sexual harassment charge against an English professor who, ironically, had openly criticized the lack of protections for the falsely accused in its sexual harassment policy.

Porn, Without Protection

Citing First Amendment, Maryland’s public universities defy legislature’s demands for a policy barring the use of public facilities for the display of obscene materials.

Religious Meets Litigious

California community college sued by students and faculty for opening official events with Christian prayer.

Conflicting Rights

Federal appeals court blocks Southern Illinois U. from denying recognition to Christian legal group -- despite its discriminatory practices.

Faculty Speech Rights Rejected

Idaho State case becomes latest in which a judge rules that public college faculty members don't have First Amendment protection when criticizing administrators.

Tangled Web at Wesleyan

Connecticut college sues former investment manager, charging that, with friends and family members, he conspired to enrich himself and shortchanged his job.

Raising the Burqa

Massachusetts college's ban on face coverings doesn't explicitly target Muslim veils, but is seen that way and stirs up vocal opinions.


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