Legal issues

Porn, Without Protection

Citing First Amendment, Maryland’s public universities defy legislature’s demands for a policy barring the use of public facilities for the display of obscene materials.

Religious Meets Litigious

California community college sued by students and faculty for opening official events with Christian prayer.

Conflicting Rights

Federal appeals court blocks Southern Illinois U. from denying recognition to Christian legal group -- despite its discriminatory practices.

Faculty Speech Rights Rejected

Idaho State case becomes latest in which a judge rules that public college faculty members don't have First Amendment protection when criticizing administrators.

Tangled Web at Wesleyan

Connecticut college sues former investment manager, charging that, with friends and family members, he conspired to enrich himself and shortchanged his job.

Raising the Burqa

Massachusetts college's ban on face coverings doesn't explicitly target Muslim veils, but is seen that way and stirs up vocal opinions.

College Reverses Veil Ban

Massachusetts institution adds a religious exemption to its rule barring face-obscuring head coverings.

Ifs, Ands and Butts

After a wave of colleges banned smoking, some officials feel pressure to make exceptions, and still grapple with enforcement.

Hitting Pause on Class Videos

A trade group goes after UCLA for posting copyrighted videos on course Web sites -- and hints that other colleges might be next.

Clash Over Student Privacy

Head of Education Department's privacy office says he was fired for challenging U.S. approach to promoting state student data systems.


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