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Looking the Other Way

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Professor punished by Saint Vincent College for allegedly downloading pornography sues, amid evidence that officials ignored another employee's confession.

High Bar to Sue on Harassment Rules

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Federal appeals court rejects suit by student whose professor criticized his views opposing gay marriage.

'Back in Business' on Civil Rights

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WASHINGTON -- The standard line from President Obama and his aides is that after years of relative inattention from the Republican White House that preceded it, the new administration's civil rights infrastructure is "back in business," on the lookout for evidence of discrimination in the nation's schools and colleges.

High Court to Hear Patent Case

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Justices agree to review appeals court ruling that universities and Obama administration argue would upend system for determining ownership of U.S.-funded inventions.

The Virtues of Contrition

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Notre Dame’s president draws praise, despite risks, for his unusually forthright apology after the death of a student last month.

Uncertain First Amendment Rights

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A federal appeals court ruled Friday that it is not clear whether public college faculty members have First Amendment protection for criticisms they make of administrators.

Warrantless Dorm Search Rejected

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Courts continue to zig-zag on warrantless searches of college dormitory rooms -- with the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts on Wednesday rejecting the use of drug evidence found in 2007 in the room of two students at Boston College.

The ruling by the highest court in Massachusetts reverses an appeals court ruling last year that upheld the use of the evidence.

Challenge on Textbook Pricing

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Textbook companies have faced a number of challenges in recent years, such as open course content, an increasingly vibrant used-book marketplace, new publishers proposing alternative pricing models, and new federal rules requiring the unbundl

Goodwill Hunting

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In letter to college presidents, movie industry emphasizes willingness to help campuses deter illegal file sharing on their networks — but says campuses should expect to hear about any violations.

Expanded View of Travel Liability

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Court holds Ohio university liable for deaths of students in accident in rented bus -- a break with how most courts have ruled.


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