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Buying a Spot on the Syllabus

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Some Marshall U. professors object to gift that requires course with Atlas Shrugged, saying link violates academic freedom. Professor who will teach class says critics just don't like Ayn Rand.

The Nontraditional President

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A general resigns, an oil man has his first day and a lobbyist now works on behalf of the university he leads -- three college presidents who took the path less taken.

Defaulting Donor or Unresponsive Donee?

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St. Bonaventure becomes latest institution to be sued by donors, illustrating the growing tensions over gift obligations.

When Athletics May Influence Alumni Giving

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New study finds a link between sports success and donations -- but not in the way many college officials tend to think.

Mixed Ruling in Tulane Lawsuit on 'Donor Intent'

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Louisiana law gives donors and their heirs the right to sue to colleges and other nonprofit groups that fail to carry out terms of their gifts, the state's Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

Forecasting Slower Growth in Fund Raising

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Association introduces new tool to project trends in giving to colleges and schools.

Charlie Wilson's Chair

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He may not be Thomas Jefferson, but that does not seem to matter to his supporters. Charlie Wilson, the notoriously fun-loving former Texas Congressman, may soon have an endowed professor’s chair named in his honor, to the dismay of some professors at the University of Texas at Austin.

Encouraging Interdisciplinarity

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Consortium of research universities considers steps to support cross-departmental research by making changes at faculty and administrative levels.

Scrutiny for a Presidential Spouse

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U. of Tennessee banned wife of system's leader from contact with donors and employees -- and lifted ban only after stipulating her lack of authority.

Give or Feel Guilty

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Syracuse claims that almost 400 of its students are at risk of not returning for the spring semester unless it can raise $2 million by the end of January.


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