Clemson Removes Menstrual Products From Men’s Restrooms

To support transgender men, a number of colleges put period products in men’s bathrooms. Now Clemson, in an apparent nod to political pressure, has eliminated them.

Student Wellness Tip: Therapy Dogs Ease Academic Stress for Nursing Students

Many colleges welcome therapy dogs to campus to support students, especially during exam times, but measuring the impact is less common. A recent pilot study found therapy dogs can decrease student stress when they are present in the classroom throughout the term.

A Lockdown, Then Criticism at Lane College

Some people on campus complained about a lack of communication during a recent lockdown. Lane administrators said they took all necessary steps to keep everyone informed.

Following the Leaders: Understanding and Promoting Student Leadership

Student Voice results show that students with certain advantages are more likely to have held leadership positions on campus than peers. Here’s why that matters and what institutions can do to help boost students’ leadership creds.

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A Proposal to Revive the English Major

G. Thomas Couser proposes rebranding and reimagining the English major as Global English Studies.

AI, Expertise and the Convergence of Writing and Coding

The common challenge in teaching writing and coding is helping students develop professional expertise when access to such expertise has been democratized via AI, Marit J. MacArthur writes.

Tackling Pedigree Bias in Faculty Hiring

No more CV skimming: faculty search committees should consider an initial anonymized review of candidates’ research proposals, John M. Herbert writes.

End the Student Loan Interest Racket

It’s time to stop charging interest on federal student loans, U.S. Representative Joe Courtney writes.


‘All in on AI’ and the University

Looking beyond generative AI.

Well Assessed and Well Expressed

The case for trust innovation in learning credentials.

Employer Branding Key to Addressing Higher Ed’s Talent Crisis

Defining distinct institutional qualities is key to making smart hiring decisions.

Yes, Let’s Improve Teaching

Let’s go qualitative!

History as Therapy

History as a path toward healing.

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The Ph.D. Statement as a Hermeneutic Slinky

Nathan J. Hardy describes how students can transform intellectual energy into words conveying their interests and abilities so as to spring forward to next steps.

The Elements of Sterile

Referencing the classic Elements of Style, Dan Li takes a satirical look at academic writing.

Should Faculty Be Mental Health Counselors?

As the stigma of exposing emotional and psychological vulnerabilities decreases, instructors’ unpaid care work increases, writes Kay Keegan.

Advice on Selecting Service Opportunities

Steve Baule describes some service options that might be available to new faculty members and provides advice on those they may want to consider.

Who Reads Your Job Application Materials?

And what do those people care about? Robert Pearson advises on how to prepare such materials with many audiences in mind.


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