Higher Ed Groups Slam New DHS Cyber Proposal

New requirements for reporting cyberattacks would put undue stress on both small and large institutions, 16 organizations told the Department of Homeland Security in a letter.

How Higher Ed Leaders Can ‘Build Better Internships’

A new Strada Education Foundation report proposes institutional strategies and guiding principles for increasing access to and maximizing the benefits of internships for learners.

Positive Partnership: Students Provide Mental Health Support for the Community

A virtual practicum opportunity for social work students helps them gain field experience while providing in-demand crisis help to those in need.

Funding Student Success: Scholarships for Completion

Two-year-degree seekers at Austin Community Colleges will receive financial support to cover their last term of tuition, part of a larger strategy for free tuition at the district.

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If We Want Free Speech, We Need to Teach It

Many students lack clarity about free speech principles, Louis E. Newman writes.

The Unrecognized Antisemitism: The Erasure of Jewish Dissent

University officials are marginalizing the views of Jewish students and faculty who are critical of Israel, Jonathan Graubart writes.

3 Ways for Colleges to Prepare Students for Meaningful Work

Higher ed institutions must teach students how to find meaning and value in their work and in their lives, writes student success administrator Tim Morenz.

Working (and Learning) Hard for the Money

Iris Palmer writes that restructuring work-based learning to expand paid opportunities could help community college students stay in school.


The Synthetic Professor

We have reached a point in the development of generative AI that synthetic AI professors are poised to enter academe.

Beyond the Degree: Empowering Graduates’ Futures

Strategies for combating postcollege underemployment.

Exploring Academic Innovation Roles With Nathan Greeno of 2U

Insights from 2U’s SVP of global business development on key questions for academic innovation leaders.

Facilitating Transfer Student Success Through Better Measurement

Transfer data offers opportunities to identify progress and find areas for improvements.

Career Advice

How I Failed My First Presidency

Reflecting on his previous performance before leading a new institution, Chato Hazelbaker sees three key areas for improvement.

Do Teachers Fetishize Technology?

Whether or not we believe in techno-progress, we are incentivized to constantly develop pedagogies involving new technologies, writes Adam Szetela.

Ungrading for Hope

Tony Perman shares four key benefits and how, at best, ungrading helps create a classroom community that can take a semester’s journey in tandem.

Conferencing for Career Development

Katie Homar provides advice for making the most of conferences, especially during the early stages of your career or in transition phases.


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