Deploying Student Journalists to Help Local ‘News Deserts’

The University of Vermont’s Center for Community News supports efforts to re-energize local news coverage in underserved regions in the state and beyond.

A Hopeful First Year for New Texas Funding Model

Texas embraced a new, performance-based funding model for community colleges. A year later, campus leaders believe they are starting to see the rewards.

Student Wellness Tip: Providing Culturally Competent Counseling

In 2020, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill launched a multicultural counseling service for students. The program leader identifies six actions that have helped make it work.

Career Prep Tip: Make On-Campus Jobs Visible

Colleges and universities host student employment fairs to help learners get plugged into on-campus work opportunities, building their professional skills and helping them fund their education.

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Prepare Now for an Election Firestorm

Campus leaders should prepare for a fall term that could make spring look calm by comparison, Matthew Kuchem writes.

Wain’s World

Scott McLemee reviews Kathryn Hughes’s biography of Louis Wain, Catland.


Calling B.S. on the AI Education Future

The “queen of the internet” is full of something…

3 Questions for MIT’s Michael Patrick Rutter

On adding the role of online M.B.A. student at BU’s Questrom School of Business.

Career Advice

Conferencing for Career Development

Katie Homar provides advice for making the most of conferences, especially during the early stages of your career or in transition phases.

Embracing a Strategic Advantage in Asset Management

Colleges and universities that roll back DEI efforts when it comes to their investments are only hurting themselves, warns Kerin McCauley.


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