FAFSA Fiasco Pushes States to Mandate Universal Completion

Some feared the bungled rollout of the new federal aid form would halt momentum for state completion requirements. It appears to be doing just the opposite.

A New Digital Divide: Student AI Use Surges, Leaving Faculty Behind

While both students and faculty have concerns with generative artificial intelligence, two new reports show a divergence in AI adoption. 

Campus Engagement Tip: Create an Experiences Hub

A centralized site allows students to identify open research opportunities and other experiential learning activities, decreasing barriers to participation for all students.

Positive Partnership: Short Programs Meet Workforce Needs

Leaders at Clackamas Community College built three- to six-month programs to respond to local workforce needs and provide learners with stackable credits for future learning.

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Protect, Teach, Enforce

Ted Mitchell offers three core principles for handling campus protests.

The FAFSA Broke Me

Burned out and overwhelmed, a financial aid director asks how many aid administrators will leave the field.


The Academy’s Retreat From History

Why history matters now more than ever.

Featured Gig: Innovation Architect at University of Maryland Global Campus

Continuing a new series on academic innovation opportunities.

Career Advice

Hiring for Humanity

To create an office culture marked by trust, humanity and collaboration, Diana Lawrence poses a rather unexpected question to job interviewees.

How Your Ph.D. Prepares You to Be an Entrepreneur

You can deploy skills you develop as a grad student and postdoc in a variety of careers, including working for a start-up or founding your own, Chris Smith writes.


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Student Voice: Life After College

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