Despite Affirmative Action Ban, ‘Business as Usual’ for Applicants

A new study found that across racial groups and achievement levels, applicants’ behavior was largely unaffected by the landmark Supreme Court ruling.

Farm Bill Proposals Boost Research Facilities and HBCUs

But a political impasse over SNAP benefits could make the bill impossible to pass, at least in 2024.

Program Innovation: Painting Student Supports in a New Light

Colorado College staff created a new intervention to reframe student supports, encouraging all students to utilize services as part of the learning process.

Scaling Up: Expanding Paid Internship Roles in the Arts

An internship pipeline for rising high school seniors will launch a pilot this summer to support current college students.

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When Language Is a Weapon

Social scientists should resist the distortions of language that are (mis)shaping perceptions of the war in Gaza, Michel DeGraff writes.

Why Grade Complaints Are Misunderstood

Spoiler alert: Students are not solely to blame, Rebekah Peeples writes.

Protecting Free Speech, Promoting Free Inquiry

Rajiv Vinnakota offers recommendations for campus leaders as they prepare for student protests to resume this fall.


Three Questions for Butler University’s Kevin Tuohy

The growing pains and gains of a new online program.

Art in the Age of Screens

Strategies to rekindle love for the arts.

No, AI Should Not Be a Student’s Co-Pilot

Treating AI as a co-pilot is tempting, but in learning, the bigger temptation is for students to use it as a subcontractor, and that’s not good.

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Strategies for a Successful Semester-Long Sabbatical

It can involve continued university responsibilities and geographical restrictions, writes Christine Tulley, who advises others on how to make the most of one.

How to Think About Mergers—and When

In an open letter, Paul Katz, Barry Sagraves and Joe Cerreta advise on how presidents can—and immediately should—begin to navigate a changing environment.

A Graduate Student’s Guide to Managing Change

Dinuka Gunaratne and Roshni Rao offer advice for handling all the new academic demands and social dynamics, so you can actually thrive through transformation.


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