New Retirement Benefits a ‘Massive Win’ for Employees

Louisiana lawmakers passed a bill to give faculty and staff more time to choose a retirement plan. They hope it will help keep “the best and brightest” in state.

Congress Extends In-State Tuition for Pacific Islanders

Some public colleges and higher education groups are worried about the precedent set by the change in federal law, which takes effect July 1.

‘Raising Up’ Student Parents

Filmmaker Jaye Fenderson discusses her new docuseries, which offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of student parents and the supports they need to thrive in college.

Students, Parents and Voters Agree—Higher Ed Costs Too Much

Americans still believe in the power of a college degree, but the sticker shock of tuition and fees causes many to doubt the economic value, reducing access.

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10 Reasons You May Not Reach Retention Goals

Thomas J. Thomas identifies common pitfalls in retention efforts.

The Case Against Any Divestment, Ever

Campus leaders should resist all demands for divestment, Bruce A. Kimball and Sarah M. Iler write.


How Work and Career Became Central to Americans’ Identity

Why work defines us.

Higher Ed and ‘Charleston: Race, Water, and the Coming Storm’

Climate change and the eight most interesting colleges and universities in the U.S.

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25 Rules for Successful Research Professors

Richard Primack offers advice for how to be a happy, healthy and productive researcher year after year.

Let’s Finally Tackle the Problem of Pay Inequity

Higher ed must go beyond buzz words and stop hiding behind performative equity, which does not create change, writes Rochelle Sennet. 


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    The honey imported into the U.S. might not be what we think it is. In today’s Academic Minute, the University of Scranton’s Gerard Dumancas determines how to tell if it’s pure or altered.

  • Foreign Intervention in the Haitian Crisis

    Haiti is in crisis and foreign security forces are coming to help stabilize the country, but will their help be welcomed? In today’s Academic Minute, Colorado State University’s Ernesto Sagás looks at the complexities of the political situation.

Student Voice: Life After College

Students say how their colleges and universities are and should be preparing them for the workforce, including through their experiences with campus career centers, experiential learning and career influencers.