2 Reasons Not to Follow Me on Twitter

I didn't deserve to be on Eric Stoller's list.

October 10, 2013

Did you catch Eric Stoller's (@EricStoller - 38,494 tweets, 13,039 follower) post 20 Pros to Follow [on Twitter]?

I was not on Eric's Twitter list.  (@joshmkim - 1,284 tweets, 1,693 followers).

Nor should I be on Eric's to follow Twitter list - or really anyone's Twitter list.

I'm terrible at Twitter.   

We are learning lots more about the origins of Twitter, thanks to the excerpt from Nick Bilton's forthcoming book Hatching Twitter in the NYTimes.

Reading the excerpt actually makes me sort of happy that I'm not part of the whole Twitter thing.  The Twitter founders sort of seem like creeps.

Why am I terrible at Twitter?

1. I Don't Tweet:   

No really....I don't actually tweet. If you found this blog entry from Twitter it is because I shortened the link using bitly - and bitly automatically sends out a tweet.     

I'm happy that you found this blog from Twitter.  It is great when other people tweet.   Especially great when they tweet a link to one of my blog posts.  Thank you for tweeting.

It seems like Twitter is how lots of folks decide what to read.  Twitter is a great platform to spread ideas around.   

Each day I try to have one idea that I want to share.  

Usually this idea is generated from reading what someone else has written (in this case Eric Stoller and Nick Bilton).  

The way that I like to reflect on and play with ideas is in this blog.  

And I'm hoping that you are interested enough in this idea to share your own thoughts in the comments section.  

Or maybe through Twitter.

2.  I Don't Read Tweets:

Why don't I tweet?    Mostly because I don't look at Twitter. 

I don't make tweets because I don't read tweets.   Or I don't read tweets because I don't make tweets.  

What would be the point of tweeting something out if I didn't Twitter things in?

The whole point of social media (at least for me) is the conversation.  

The back and forth.  

Twitter is simply too overwhelming.   Too many tweets.   Too many people I'd want to follow.   Too many ideas.  Too many great things to read.   

And I don't have enough time as it is to read all the stuff that is right in front of my eyes.  

Each day I try to read as many of the articles, views, blogs, and discussions on Inside Higher Ed as possible.  My community hangs out at IHE.   

Beyond participating in the IHE community I read the NYTimes (on my iPhone), and whatever articles or links that you post on IHE (or send me by e-mail).  

You are probably thinking that I'm missing out on a ton of great writing, a world of great idea.  Maybe you are right.  

But maybe the combination of the IHE community, the NYTimes, and e-mail is enough. 

Maybe this combination provides enough great ideas, and enough links to other great ideas on other platforms, that I have all the ideas that I can handle.

All I really have is an hour a day for consuming (and sometimes commenting) on my screens.  

And an hour a day of online / mobile articles and social media seems like plenty.  

Anyone else out there also bad at Twitter?

Who else should we not follow?


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