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November 7, 2011
The new Steve Jobs biography details the Apple co-founder's plans to disrupt the textbook industry.  But just how disruptive were his plans?
November 7, 2011
An NPR story, this morning, reported on the Keystone XL pipeline, protests against it in Washington, and a surprising alliance forming against it in Nebraska.  Of course, they felt obligated to let TransCanada -- the pipeline company proposing to build Keystone XL -- have its say.
November 7, 2011
Mentoring graduate students constitutes a significant part of many academics' scholarly activities. On the surface, the mentor's role is straightforward: assist the student’s selection of courses so that she is adequately prepared for comprehensive exams or field papers; guide the student’s selection of a doable and marketable dissertation project; and work assiduously to place the student in the highest ranking university for which she is prepared.  
November 6, 2011
You know that feeling when you’ve suspected something for a long time but couldn’t prove it, and then someone proves it for you? This article had that effect. It’s about how student attrition in STEM majors is actually higher in more selective institutions than in less selective ones. It brought back vivid memories of my days at Snooty Liberal Arts College, and even of late high school.
November 6, 2011
What if I want or need to get a tenure-track position? I often (but not always) see the words “or related discipline” at the end of the degree requirements in job descriptions. At what point does your research trump your degree? And, what kinds of research output qualify you? Is presenting at Rhetoric and Composition conferences enough? Do I have to have one, two, three, ten articles that are about rhetoric and/or composition? A book? Does co-founding #FYCchat, a Twitter chat for those who teach Freshman Composition help or hurt? Does teaching writing at various levels for almost ten years help or hurt? Does working to innovate how I teach writing (attempting to create my own peer-driven model) help or hurt? Does anything other than the journal article/book even count?
November 6, 2011
As I’m walking in a midtown subway station, a group starts yelling "Occupy Wall Street, all day and all night" over and over again. And this is followed by "We are the 99 percent" also over and over again.  The message is clear whether it is delivered in Zuccoti Park, in a subway station or anywhere across the country.
November 6, 2011
I asked Devin Knighton, director of public relations for Instructure Canvas, for a timeline of the company's major milestones and sales partnerships. Devin also indicated that the next milestone will be learning analytics, coming in Q1 of 2012.
November 6, 2011
Last Saturday, I got caught in the snowstorm on my way to work. The clinic is a considerable hike from the subway, and my clothing was soaked through by the time I arrived.



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