Inside Digital Learning

Online Enrollments Grow, but Pace Slows

New federal data show that more than a third of all 2018 college and university students took at least one online course, and that online enrollments continue steady growth as overall numbers dip.

Blackboard Behind Bars

Colleges and corrections departments increasingly are turning to online instruction for incarcerated students. But while those programs may be easier to scale, challenges and questions about quality remain.

Behind the Back Channel

Can giving students anonymity help them engage in class?

Digital Learning in ‘Inside Higher Ed’ This Week

Among the topics: Canvas parent is sold; accessibility bill reintroduced; $190 million federal settlement for Phoenix; mom pays someone to take online courses for her son.

The Pulse: Shaunak Roy of Yellowdig

This month's edition of the Pulse podcast features an interview with Shaunak Roy, CEO and founder of Yellowdig.

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