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What the Harvard Case Teaches Us

Whatever the judge rules, we have seen the impact of wealth, alumni connections and athletic skill in elite college admissions, writes Nicholas Soodik.

Cal State Sees Major Gains in Graduation Rates

At same time, gaps between underrepresented minority students and everyone else are narrowing.

I Am Cited, Ergo Sum

In fact, argues Peter C. Herman, the question for scholars should be “Who reads us, anyway?”

Momentum for Prison Education

Prison education programs are thriving and enjoy bipartisan backing, but colleges say they could do more with federal and state funding.

Ethical College Admissions: Are We Devo?

Every now and then, colleges make the application process easier for students, but like one-hit wonder musical groups, they don't build on their momentum, writes Jim Jump.

Mysteries of Ivy Admissions, Past and Present

A look at what we know about admissions in the 1950s informs today's debates, writes John R. Thelin.

New Criticisms of GRE

Study questions utility of the test in doctoral admissions for STEM programs. ETS says the study isn't about what the exam is intended to do.

The Week in Admissions News

Public higher ed; Democratic proposals; compilation on graduate education.