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Harvard Drops SAT Essay as Requirement

Many other colleges have already dropped the requirement.

Ethical College Admissions: Relationships

Jim Jump elaborates on the issue of connections between college counselors and admissions officers.

Tufts Drops SAT Subject-Test Requirement

What was once the norm in competitive college admissions is increasingly rare.

The Week in Admissions News

Foreign language enrollments drop; drug offenses and student aid; another admissions letter snafu.

What Do Women Want… in a B-School?

New rankings by FT raise questions about how female applicants view M.B.A. programs.

A Close Call for Deaf Students

Georgia announced plan to stop supporting deaf students from the state who go to Gallaudet or NTID. State backed down amid uproar.

How Presidents View Admissions Issues

On some issues, their perspectives are quite different from those of admissions deans.

Confusion Over Distance Education Rules

Colleges seek guidance about looming federal requirement for online colleges to tell students whether academic programs meet licensing requirements in their home states.