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Purdue Global's Arrival

Accreditor's backing of the Purdue-Kaplan deal paves the way for a new, unusual public university, while giving a boost to other for-profit conversions, partnerships and acquisitions.

Helping an Applicant Stretch His Ethnic Identity

College counselor finds herself doubting an applicant whose wealthy parents see his Latin American grandmother (whom he hasn't met) as a route to being admitted to a top college.

Ethical College Admissions: Consistency

Colleges may have motives to be inconsistent in admissions decisions, but high school counselors rely on some degree of consistency, writes Jim Jump.

Change the Discussion on Standardized Tests

It's time to move away from absolutist positions for or against, write Don Hossler, Jerry Lucido and Emily Chung.

The Week in Admissions News

Random roommates only; wealthy parents; Obama scholarships.

Should Parental Visa Status Count?

Some colleges continue to ask applicants who are legal residents of the U.S. about their parents' status.

When Journals Play Favorites

Study finds evidence of institutional bias in publishing, in that journals favor the work of authors who either work or studied at the universities that house the publications.