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The Week in Admissions News

Gains for nonprofit online programs; accreditors urged to push on student outcomes; not so "high impact"?

What Applicants Want in Part-Time M.B.A. Programs

Many seem willing to trade away some flexibility for the benefits of cohorts, study finds.

The Campus-Based Studies on Test Optional

Studies at individual colleges back the idea that the policies lead to more diversity, without a loss of academic success.

University Revokes 50-Plus Full-Ride Scholarships; Recipients Did Nothing Wrong

If officials award more scholarships than budgeted for, should students lose funds? Is it fair to take away funds only from international students?

Passing on Koch

Montana State's Faculty Senate narrowly votes down proposed economics research center to be funded by an active Charles Koch Foundation grant.

Making the Case for Test Optional

New study finds that ending SAT and ACT requirements results in more applications and more diversity -- without any decline in graduation rates.

Pentagon on PROSPER

As Republicans seek support for their controversial legislation to update the Higher Education Act, a Pentagon document gives ammo to critics over the bill's plan to end Public Service Loan Forgiveness.