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Questions Harvard Needs to Answer

Jun-Han Su and Hao Wu write that the university needs to assure Asian-American applicants that they aren't the subject of bias in the admissions process.

Ethical College Admissions: The Harvard Admissions Case

Jim Jump reviews the latest briefs. He's not convinced of discrimination, but he does have a lot of questions.

The Week in Admissions News

In-depth look at the pathway market; plan to merge Education and Labor Departments; default rates; impact of summer Pell.

Party, Age and Support for Test-Optional Admissions

Poll shows that opposition comes from Republicans, men and older people.

In-State Tuition for International Students

Eastern Michigan hopes resident tuition rates will attract many more international undergraduates.

No Bottom Yet in 2-Year College Enrollments

Some researchers are warning community colleges that enrollment isn't expected to improve, even as they grapple with declines in state funding and demand for better performance and outcomes.

Time to Dismiss the Stanford Prison Experiment?

The 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment has long been considered a window into the horrors ordinary people can inflict on one another, but new interviews with participants and reconsideration of archival records shed more light on the findings.