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The Week in Admissions News

Fears about possible Trump limits on Chinese visas; a job guarantee from DePauw; return of free at Cooper Union.

White Liberal Insecurity (and Hypocrisy?) on Affirmative Action

What happens to diversity-minded educators when their son is wait-listed by Yale, but his biracial best friend with lower grades and test scores gets in? A new play has people talking.

College Board Changes Rules on PSAT Test Booklets

Those who take the test on Saturday will no longer be able to take their booklets with them.

Will Master's Gains Come at Expense of the M.B.A.?

New data suggest one-year programs in finance and related fields may be poised for gains.

Harvard Drops SAT Essay as Requirement

Many other colleges have already dropped the requirement.

Transfer Matters More Than Ever

It's never been more important for college leaders and policy makers to value the role of community college transfer programs, despite President Trump's recent suggestions to the contrary, write Stephen Handel and Eileen Strempel.

Ethical College Admissions: The Smell Test

Jim Jump wants more scrutiny of policies of big-time basketball programs -- and of college admissions offices.

Ethical College Admissions: Relationships

Jim Jump elaborates on the issue of connections between college counselors and admissions officers.