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Ethical College Admissions: Collusion

There are ethical issues about early decision, but the most important ones aren't those apparently being investigated by the Justice Department.

The Missing Black Students

Undermatching continues to limit opportunities for students, study finds, with impact on graduation rates as well.

Where Colleges Recruit … and Where They Don't

New study finds that colleges go where students are likely to be white and wealthy.

The Week in Admissions News

Pushing to meet full need; student aid vs. athletics; international enrollments; parental view of college visit.

Stanford Adjusts GRE Requirement

Different graduate schools will be permitted to require the test or not to do so.

New Strategies to Navigate International Enrollments

“ New Strategies to Navigate International Enrollments ” is Inside Higher Ed 's new on-demand compilation of articles. You may...

Ethical College Admissions: Waiting Lists as Cruelty… or Necessity

Jim Jump considers the implications of colleges that opt not to admit or reject.

Another Case of Faulty Rankings Data

Texas Christian submitted incorrect data on GMAT scores.