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College That Ended Race-Based Affirmative Action Reverses Itself

What was behind a two-year policy change that ended two days after it was revealed?

Ethical College Admissions: Doing the Charleston

Jim Jump analyzes the flip-flop on the consideration of race in admissions.
Illustration of students at desks

The Dawn of a New Meritocracy

Colleges need to consider the implications of the move away from standardized testing in admissions, writes Ezekiel Dixon-Román.

University Laughs at Its Location… Again

Rose-Hulman finds a new way to make applicants chuckle -- and then to think about moving to Terre Haute.

The Week in Admissions News

The future of Earlham; a tragic death; career training law.

Counting Credentials

The Credential Registry is several months into its mission to document all U.S. credentials, but the finish line is further than ever.

Temple Rankings Scandal: From Bad to Worse

University admits it provided false data for six additional programs beyond the online M.B.A. for which it already made such an admission.