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The Week in Admissions News

Apprenticeships, extra security for AP tests, free community college.

Texas System Sorry but Won't Help Students From Nepal

System statement says policies will be changed to prevent a repeat of this year's revoking of scholarships. But it says it can't provide funds to help those who lost grants.

Rapid Growth in Foreign-Student Work Program

Participation in program that lets international students with STEM degrees work in the U.S. for up to three years after graduation grows by 400 percent in eight years. With the rapid growth has come new scrutiny.

This Film's a Party, No College Lessons

Life of the Party, the newest Melissa McCarthy movie, fails to capture any of the struggles of an adult learners, though it's full of sophomoric laughs.

New Approach to Apprenticeships

Federal task force releases "roadmap" for alternative federal system for apprenticeships, with calls for more industry involvement and criticism of higher education. But questions remain about how the new system would work.

The Admissions Tour That Went Horribly Wrong

Woman called police on two Native American brothers she believed were not really part of the group, but who were doing nothing wrong. To many, incident illustrates the hostility facing minority students in higher education, including admissions process.

It's Time for the Talk

Graduate programs, not just undergraduate colleges, need to think about whether they need standardized admissions tests and whether they are using them in appropriate ways, write Julie R. Posselt and Casey W. Miller.