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Leadership Without the Limelight

The glass ceiling long since shattered, Princeton women steer away from high-profile student offices toward more obscure leadership roles.

Tougher Climate for Test Givers

In settlement over medical board's failure to accommodate a Yale student with dyslexia, U.S. government heralds impending rules that will prod colleges and testing agencies on rights of disabled test takers.

Tougher Line on Sexual Harassment

Two universities agree to take numerous steps to end investigations by the Education Department.

Bypassing Controversy

Oberlin arch honoring Chinese missionaries, a fixture at graduation, has long been criticized as an homage to imperialism. Now administrators have decided, literally, to sidestep the controversy.


A number of universities have expanded health care benefits in recent years to cover sexual reassignment surgery for transgender students and employees, a move some see as an obligation for institutions with nondiscrimination policies that cover the population.

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

Should adjuncts constantly be required to prove that they are long-term employees? Even to their unions?

Separate But Equal?

A Texas college offers an all-male public speaking course, raising questions about discrimination and constitutionality.

Diversifying Through Football

At many Division I universities, sports remains a major -- if not the primary -- route to college for black men, data from more than 300 colleges show.