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Sweet Briar's Curriculum Comes at a Cost

Small private women's college is cutting more than 10 percent of its faculty as it overhauls curriculum.

Infighting and Turmoil in N.J.

An accreditor's decision to place an embattled New Jersey community college on probation may have been the wake-up call officials needed to improve its operations.

‘New Liberal Arts,’ Without Some of the Old

Hiram College, hoping to stay financially and academically competitive, launches overhaul and floats idea -- on hold for now -- of ending some tenure protections.

Oberlin's Enrollment Headache Lingers

A smaller-than-expected freshman class is continuing to cause budget issues at the Ohio institution. Professors are tired of salary freeze.

Saying No to the Majors

Faculty and student groups pushed against proposal from Oakland Athletics to build new ballpark on college property. And their board listened.

Handing Off DeVry

Once a large for-profit institution, DeVry is now being handed over to a company that runs a small college with 600 students. Experts see the move as a sign of the times.

Diversity and Medical School Admissions

Share of white students has dropped significantly in last 35 years, but Asian-Americans are alone among minority groups in seeing substantial gains. Black applicants have lowest admit rates.

Expanding Apprenticeships Across More Jobs

New research indicates more job opportunities would be available if apprenticeships were expanded across more fields.