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Diversifying a Classic Humanities Course

Responding to student criticism that its foundational humanities course is too “white” and “Eurocentric,” Reed College announces overhaul of the syllabus and format.

Confronting the Opioid Crisis

Nursing colleges add curricula to deal with a growing public health problem.

No Deal on Business Major

Chicago's proposed undergraduate business major was short-lived, but the economics faculty found a way to save it, as a new "track."

Incentives for Completion in Chicago

City Colleges of Chicago looks to create fairer tuition system by decreasing the rate for part-time students, but some worry the changes could weaken an incentive to go full-time.

Another Case of Faulty Rankings Data

Texas Christian submitted incorrect data on GMAT scores.

GMAT Loses 30 Minutes

Change comes amid increased competition from the GRE.

Artistic Expression or Harassment?

Two professors resign from MassArt following harassment allegations. Are art schools taking a harder line against professors in era of Me Too? Are academic and artistic freedom at risk?

Political Uniformity?

Citing lack of diversity in campus politics, Vassar College sophomore starts new publication to help conservatives and liberals alike express their views in a healthy way.