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In Class, Some Colleges Overlook Technology’s Dark Side

Safety and ethics appear to be elective or nonexistent, rather than fundamental parts of studies, in many computing programs, students at a global forum reported.

North Carolina Central University Suspends Online Classes Following Cyberattack

Online classes, Wi-Fi and campus email were shut down on North Carolina Central University’s campus following a cyberattack on Sunday...
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Merger of Online Program Companies Suggests ‘Reset’ in the Market

Academic Partnerships’ acquisition of Wiley’s online program business is latest change in tumultuous online program management market.

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AI Voice Clones and Deepfakes: The Latest Presidents’ Engagement Tools

Artificial intelligence is allowing university presidents to reach students in new ways—and forms. But experts warn to proceed with caution.

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Eliminate the Required First-Year Writing Course

Students no longer need a required first-year writing course if AI can write for them, Melissa Nicolas argues.

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Public Perception of Online Education Improved Sharply Post-Pandemic

Survey finds confidence in virtual learning is growing, particularly among younger Americans. But a third still say in-person is better.

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2U, USC Curtail Online Partnership

Southern California and the online program manager will part ways on master’s degrees that became a target of scrutiny because of their high price.

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Dispute Over ‘Woke Ideology’ Causes Schism in U.K. Science Community

The science secretary demanded closure of a UK Research and Innovation inequality committee due to “the sharing of extremist views on social media” by members who she said “expressed sympathy” for Hamas.