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Speed and Power

The University of Texas at Austin has unveiled Stampede2, said to be the most powerful supercomputer at any campus in the U.S.

The Digital-Native Debate

A report argues that those born after 1984 aren’t inherently better versed in technology. The author who coined the term “digital native” disagrees.

Harvard Goes Outside to Go Online

Three schools at the oldest university in the United States team up with 2U to start an online program in an emergent field.

Warnings on a Different Kind of For-Profit

Century Foundation cautions that nature of public university deals with online program managers could undermine the institutions’ financial stability and their students’ data.

Archway to a Better Job

McDonald’s brings a flexible approach and free career and college advising to its tuition assistance program, which is aimed in part at keeping employees on the job longer.

Elsevier Expands Footprint in Scholarly Workflow

Elsevier’s acquisition of Bepress’s institutional repository platform is heralded as a smart move for the publisher, but not all of Bepress’s customers are impressed.

National U to Create $20 Million Personalized Education Platform

As reported in Inside Higher Ed, National University will spend $20 million on a four-year personalized education project, with a...

Communications Crossroads

Many colleges continue to employ handheld clickers, but smartphone apps are gaining ground.