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Obama Under Secretary Is ACE's Next President

Ted Mitchell brings a wide-ranging background to the American Council on Education, including work on reforms the higher education lobby group has opposed.

'What Does Madonna Have to Do With French?'

That's what students asked a Virginia Commonwealth professor, who is helping to transform language courses with OER.

Data Dive

Georgia State's extensive predictive analytics efforts are leading to better grades and student retention -- and more minorities graduating from STEM programs.

A Tweet With Consequences

It started when a student corrected his ex’s grammar and tweeted about it. Now he is suspended, and lawyers say First Amendment issues are at stake.

More Than Fun?

Educational video games offer active learning that some instructors say is hard to replicate in a traditional classroom.

Teaching With Emerging Technologies

Michelle Pacansky-Brock says digital learning is reshaping the higher ed landscape, and suggests five things instructors need to succeed.

There’s No Success Like Failure

Robert Ubell reports how massive open online courses are testing personalizing online learning through positive feedback to mistakes.