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Is Online Ed Missing the Mark?

New study finds students at most risk may be those least well served by learning outside the classroom.

Facebook, an Online Learning Platform?

New Facebook features intended for developers could, if expanded, turn the social networking site into an online learning platform.

Trial and Error: Teaching Learners to be Online Students

At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, fully online students enrolled in the master's of education administration degree program said they felt isolated and didn't know how to use the library and other services. The online Student Success Center is changing that.

Better Revenue Model

Notre Dame to launch its first online master’s. University joins growing number of institutions opting to outsource online course development on fee-for-service basis.

A New Online Bachelor's Degree in ... Anthropology?

Newest online program at Western Illinois is a rarity. Effort was born of professors' scrappiness and desire to bring the critical-thinking discipline to students who can't come to the campus in the cornfields.

‘Baby Steps’ to Reduce Textbook Costs

University of Utah faculty members balked at the idea of moving to open educational resources, so a team that includes library and bookstore employees is promoting 13 options -- including OER.

Podcast: trends in online education

In this Inside Higher Ed webinar, Pulse's host Rodney B. Murray discusses with Kenneth Hartman, a veteran of online learning...

Lowering Online Student Dropout Rates

Vincent Oria and Edina Renfro-Michel agrue that it’s not a surprise that many students fail to pass enough online courses to graduate. They say their two colleges' initiative greatly improves the odds.