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Post-Microsoft, Libraries Mull Digitization

After software giant announces end to book-scanning program, partner institutions consider the landscape, now dominated by Google and nonprofit efforts.

Abandoning Print, Not Peer Review

Editor of journal with traditional publishing model joins forces with Indiana U. library to start free online alternative, replicating quality control and seeing surge in readers.

It's a Mac! It's a PC! It's ... Both?

Campus computer labs have always been overwhelmingly PC -- that is, full of Intel-Inside, IBM-compatible personal computers. Ever since iPods...

Saving Money (and Going Green) by Going Virtual

Colleges are starting to embrace "server virtualization," a strategy that runs multiple systems on a single physical machine, saving money and energy.

E-Textbooks -- for Real This Time?

For years, some have predicted a shift -- and then not seen it take place. But changes in technology, ventures by publishers and worries over textbook prices might make this the time.

Upgrading to Philosophy 2.0

Philosophers discuss how to adopt technologies that could improve individualized instruction and upend the way scholars publish their work.

Students' 'Evolving' Use of Technology

Stop the presses: Today's college students are using more technology than ever. That may not be the most surprising finding...

Shaking Up the Market

Pearson plans to buy eCollege, possibly upping competition for Blackboard and shifting direction of course management industry.