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It's Past Time to Ban the Box

Britain provides a model for what American colleges can do, writes Bradley D. Custer.

As Charges Grow, Trump Backs Congressman

As accusations grow that U.S. representative Jim Jordan knew and did nothing about alleged sexual abuse of wrestling team members...

Academic Minute: Why People Stink at Fact-Checking

Today on the Academic Minute , Lisa Fazio, assistant professor of psychology and human development at Vanderbilt University , discusses...

Wyoming's Cowboy Slogan Draws Criticism

The University of Wyoming 's new slogan -- "The world needs more cowboys" -- is drawing criticism from professors who...

Recent News in Admissions

Antioch's struggles; community college transfer; support for student veterans; Pell Grants.

Another Suit Challenging Unions

A professor of political science at St. Cloud State University sued the institution and its faculty union Friday, arguing that...

Princeton and Stanford Drop SAT/ACT Writing Test

Princeton will now require applicants to submit a graded writing sample. Only 23 colleges now require the test.

Where Historians Work

The American Historical Association this week launches Where Historians Work , an online tool tracking career outcomes for the more...