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What’s the best way to cool the warming Earth? In today's Academic Minute, Rutgers University's Alan Robock looks into the...

Captain Kirk vs. 2 Professors

William Shatner unleashes on academics on Twitter after he criticizes librarians' recent decision to rename an award named after Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Worries at Antioch College

Concerns rise over enrollment and finances at the storied small liberal arts college in Ohio.

Into the Hands of Athletes -- Kind Of

Critics of the NCAA say its new transfer rule will help players but is still quite flawed.

Librarians Urged to Update Brand, Diversify Ranks

The Institute of Museum and Library Services has highlighted the pressing need for greater diversity among library and information science...

Academic Minute: Geoengineering

Today on the Academic Minute , Alan Robock, professor of climate science in the department of environmental sciences at Rutgers...

Ed Department Says It Didn’t Botch State Authorization Delay

Assertions that the U.S. Department of Education missed a deadline to delay state authorization rules are incorrect, a department spokeswoman...