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Duke President Apologizes for Firing of Baristas

Vincent Price, president of Duke University, issued an apology Thursday for a series of incidents on campus, including one in...

Ancestry DNA Tests

DNA tests are becoming more popular in our culture. In today's Academic Minute, West Chester University's Bessie Lawton explores why...

New Era for Women as Donors

As income grows for women, some are flexing purse strings in philanthropy. Dartmouth alumnae campaign to get $1 million gifts from 100 women.

Professor Bans Laptops, Sees Grades Rise

At an institution that prides itself on its use of technology, one professor goes in the opposite direction -- banning all electronic devices in his classes.

New Approach to Apprenticeships

Federal task force releases "roadmap" for alternative federal system for apprenticeships, with calls for more industry involvement and criticism of higher education. But questions remain about how the new system would work.

Academic Minute: Ancestry DNA Tests

Today on the Academic Minute , Bessie Lawton, associate professor of communication studies at West Chester University, explores why the...

Casual Cartoon Friday

It's a Friday at or near the end of the semester. Take an extra couple minutes for yourself today and...

This Film's a Party, No College Lessons

Life of the Party, the newest Melissa McCarthy movie, fails to capture any of the struggles of an adult learners, though it's full of sophomoric laughs.