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Politeness in U.S. Spanish

If you have time, please take a listen to this segment. In today's Academic Minute, St. Edward's University's Emily Bernate...

The Pulse: Virtually Inspired's Marci Powell

The new edition of the Pulse podcast features an interview with Marci Powell, project director of Virtually Inspired, a website...

A Tidal Wave of Vitriol

While Ohio State's president considered what to do about a wildly successful head coach accused of looking the other way at domestic abuse by his assistant, he received plenty of advice. We read those emails.

Shifting Focus of Publishers Signals Tough Times for Textbook Authors

Leading academic publishers are signing fewer textbook authors and instead channeling investments into digital courseware.

Reflecting on 2018, and (Tentatively) Projecting the Future

A new online institution, a transforming textbook market, shifting landscapes for MOOCs and alternative credentials, increasing interest in mobile, and more. Experts make sense of a convoluted year.

Michigan to Close Confucius Institute

The University of Michigan will close its Confucius Institute next year when the current agreement governing the institute expires. “This...

Technology in the Classroom: What the Research Tells Us

Fans and foes of letting students use laptops and phones in class hold fervent views. Jordan Troisi and Aaron Richmond suggest acting based on research instead -- and offer recommendations.

Actively Seeking Diverse Faculty

Perry Greene provides tips for hiring and retaining diverse faculty members at predominantly white institutions.