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Report on Funding Free College Programs

A new report from the Century Foundation addresses how states can measure the impact increases in enrollment may have on...

Former Professor Under Investigation for Research Misconduct

State regulators are investigating Mani Pavuluri, a former professor of psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who violated...

‘Going to College in the Sixties’

Author discusses his new book, which is not only about protests and social revolutions.

Study: Higher Ed Endowments Lag the Market

Endowments for nonprofit organizations in the United States post investment returns that significantly underperform market benchmarks -- and higher education...

Encouraging More Women to Pursue Skilled Trades

Missouri's first female lineman is using her teaching position to draw more women into the male-dominated field.

Warning to Physician Faculty

Our academic freedom may be at stake, writes Julie Kim, if most of our paycheck is controlled by a hospital that is affiliated with but not owned by the institution.

New Programs: Audiology, Social Work, Psychology, Technology, City Design, Data Science, Robotics, Construction Management, Occupational Therapy

California State University Los Angeles is starting a doctor of audiology program. Daemen College is starting an online master of...

Student Detained for Assaults on 2 Professors

Authorities say that a student at Normandale Community College assaulted two faculty members, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. The student...