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New Study on Immigrants and American Innovation

A new study documents the role of immigrants in promoting inventions and economic growth in the United States. The study...

Swastika Chalked on Statue of Founder of Rice

Over the weekend, swastika graffiti appeared and unnerved people in Chicago, Houston and New York City. In Houston, the incident...

Digging Deeper Into Campus Diversity

Study finds students' negative diversity experiences, though less common than positive ones, hinder cognitive development and student learning.

How to Boost Charitable Giving

How much did you give in your last charitable donation? In today's Academic Minute, the University at Buffalo's Indranil Goswami...

College Will Suspend Operations

Saint Joseph’s of Indiana says it doesn’t have money to continue after this semester.

State Support Up 3.4%

Appropriations for higher education increased in more than three-quarters of states in 2016-17.

Judge Blocks Entry Ban, Visas Restored

Judge's ruling cited impact on higher education; some students who were blocked from the U.S. a week ago are returning.

Tracking the Evolution of Student Success

College administrators in the field of student success who feel as though their jobs are getting more hectic each day...