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Three professors at the University of Texas at Austin on Wednesday sued the university and the state and asked a federal judge to issue an injunction to block a campus carry law from taking effect Aug. 1, The Texas Tribune reported. The state has vowed to move ahead with the law. The suit charges that the law violates faculty members' First and Second Amendment rights. By making professors fear that their discussions of controversial topics could incite violence, the law limits their First Amendment free expression rights, the suit says.

And the suit says the Second Amendment -- normally cited by gun rights supporters -- is also at issue. "The Second Amendment is not a one-way street," the suit says. "It starts with the proposition that a 'well-regulated militia' is necessary to the security of a free state. The Supreme Court has explained that 'well-regulated' means 'imposition of proper discipline and training.'" The suit goes on to say, "If the state is to force them to admit guns into their classrooms, then the officials responsible for the compulsory policy must establish that there is a substantial reason for the policy and that their regulation of the concealed carrying of handguns on college campuses is 'well-regulated.' Current facts indicate that they cannot do so."