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Turnitin on Melania Trump's Speech

July 21, 2016

Turnitin, the company known for its plagiarism detection software, this week took a look at Melania Trump's much-debated convention speech at the Republican National Convention, finding examples of language "that an educator would flag as … examples of plagiarism." After her speech Monday evening, Trump was accused of stealing passages from Michelle Obama's speech during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Trump's speech contained both examples of "cloning" (copying passages word for word) and "find-and-replace" plagiarism (copying a passage but changing a few key words), Turnitin found.

"No matter what the intent, copying another’s work is plagiarism, but educators do consider intent when weighing how to handle instances of plagiarism in student papers," the company wrote. "More than just the copying of words, a comparison of [the] speeches follows the same sequence of thoughts and ideas. To an educator, this belies intent."


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